Tuesday, 17 July 2012

iPads in the FSL Classroom!

I was offered an amazing opportunity at the end of this school year and I have to admit that I am so excited.  Next year I will get to work with a class set of iPads in some of my FSL classes.  I have been brainstorming a list of things that this amazing technology can be used for in FSL.  

1. Audio Books - to listen to and respond to
2. Creating Dialogue Scenes- there are so many Apps for creating audio stories.  I love that students will be able to hear themselves before submitting their work.  
3. Basic Reading Apps -  I have found a few Apps by Hachette that will allow students to practise listening and visually identifying sounds in French.     
4. Using QR codes around the classroom to direct students to fun French activities for my fast finishers.
5. Creative Writing - using Apps like Rory's Story Cubes to help with story writing.
6. Living Language App - I used this App briefly last year and students loved it.  It allows students to increase vocabulary while playing games.
7. Self Assessment - I love the video/audio recordings allow students to review their oral output and to self evaluate.    

The other amazing part of this opportunity is that I will be working with other teachers to assist with the implementation iPads/iPods and of other technologies into their classroom.  Have I mentioned that I am so EXCITED to be working on this!    

So while the excitement simmers down into something more productive, it leaves me wondering ... how do you use technology in your classroom

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