Thursday, 8 September 2011

Selecting AIM plays

Well I have met all my students and things are going well so far.  I must admit that I did not start my year all in French.  Some days wish I had, and others think the way I am doing this is fine as well.  See I am new to my school and all my students.  I felt the need to quickly get to know some of them and have some knowledge of students names in order to get things going.  I know it can be done in French, however at this point in my career I was not ready for it.  Sometimes it has to be about what we're ready for too. 

So now that I have met my students and they have complete some activities with me.  I have a much better sense of where they are at with FSL.  I have begun making my play selections.  I will be teaching at least 2 classes the same play in, with the exception of 2 groups which need their own play.  Here is my breakdown:

1/2 La poule Maboule - I truly love this play as an introduction since students really enjoy this play.  They recognize the story immediately and see to chime in almost instantly.  This play will be great for this group because I only see them for 20 minutes/day right after recess AND I have to move them to the upper floor after they have changed.  In reality I am getting about 10 minutes with these guys each day.  Wish me luck!

2/3 Le chat et la lune - This play is almost identical to La poule Maboule.  I think it'll be great because I seem to have many reluctant learners at this point in this class.  It's an easier play that allows for lots of great success.

3/4 and 4/5 Boucles Violettes - Great transition play.  This play is a set up from Les trois petit cochons but not such a huge step that they will struggle.  The 4/5 class may have time to do a second play since I see them for 30 minutes rather then 20 minutes a day.

5/6 - A very keen group with a fair bit of exposure to AIM will be doing Marc le magicien.  I think it's a bit of jump for them but I will scaffold the concepts and make it possible for them.  Biggest plus here is they are so keen.

6/7 and 8 Chaperon Rouge et le loup fou, students are excited to be working with this text.  We talked at length today about different options for final projects that integrate a tone of technology if they choose.  These students are looking forward to being creative but I am not convinced they have the fluency needed for this play yet.  We'll work on it through out the year!  I have no plan for a second play so we'll take it slow and do lots of review with them. 

Choosing the plays this year was challenging since I don't know my students all that well.  However, I am confident that with time and lots of review each of my groups can be successful with their plays. 

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