Sunday, 26 August 2012

My Classroom is READY!!!

We now return to our regularly scheduled program; if you are looking for my letter to Dalton McGuinty please click here.

You read it correctly, my classroom is ready!  All I need now are students!  So I think we should take a look around my new beautiful Frog themed FSL classroom.  When students walk into my room this is the area they are welcomed into.   The wooden chair is for my calendar helper and my desk is really just there to hold my computer.

I always start class on the carpet regardless of whether they are grade 1s or grade 8s.  The routine varies a little depending on the grade level but typically we identify the today's date, yesterday's date and tomorrow's date, identify the weather and dress Mr. la grenouille for today's weather and then we practise our "Virelangue de la semaine".  Student absolutely love the tongue twister and are eager to participate in this activity.  It has made a huge difference in their reading and pronunciation.   

Here is a close up of my calendar/weather board.  It's difficult to see because of the horrible picture but the tongue twister is right beside the calendar at the top of the board.  

This is my word wall which will most certainly evolve as the year progresses.  My biggest challenge as a Core French teacher, in this area, is putting up the words that all my students need (grade 1 to 8) without it becoming overwhelming and disorganised.  In my opinion, for the word wall to be useful it needs to have high frequency words that students are using regularly and students need to be referencing/interacting with it.  Hence the Boggle board for the beginning of the year: 

On the same bulletin board as my word wall, is my brand new Boggle board.  I must admit I have never had one in my classroom before but my hope is that students will use the words found on the word wall to help them find words in the Boggle board.  (How many French words can you find?) I often have students that finish quickly and this will be one of the learning activities they can selected to do when they have completed their assignment.

Students sit in groups in my class to encourage conversation between students in the target language.  This year each table has a frog that is their mascot.  Since I have several classes that sit at these tables, students from all my classes will be trying to come up with a name for their frog and all students will vote for their favourite option.

The last thing I have set up prior to students arriving on the first day of school is my supply table.  I love how neat and tidy it all looks.  

The only thing missing from my classroom is the new guided reading table that will hopefully be arriving in September.  I'll share more pictures when get my guided reading table and some student work up for the open house BBQ!


  1. Wow! Your classroom looks amazing!

  2. Hey Crystal! Thanks for adding me on twitter (@teacherwebcoach) Love the pics of your classroom! You have put so much effort into it, I do hope the students appreciate your hard work!

  3. Hey Crystal !

    I am a Core French teacher in Belleville, Ontario and have been very inspired by your classroom. I also have a word wall in my classroom and would love to know how your making that work with so many classes. Do you introduce new words to the wall as you go or simply have everything up all ready ? I noticed in your photo the words were up ! Please let me know if you don't mind. My email is .... Also, wondering about the dressing of the frog. Is that all the clothing he has or do you introduce other types of clothing as the year progresses. Thank you so much for sharing !

  4. Hi Alexandra,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I do have everything up already on my word wall. Most of the words I put up at the beginning of the year are words my grade 4s were introduced to last year. My word wall is geared to my grade 4, 5 and 6s; although my grade 7 and 8s still use it. The key for me is that they use it, hence the boggle board up beside it right now. They use is a lot when they make tongue twister, later in the year, and I'll introduced other word 'games' as the year goes on.

    As for the frog, he came with winter and beach clothing which I am keeping for later in the year in order to keep it interesting for my students.

    Good luck this year!

  5. Hi again !

    Fantastic. Thank you for sharing.

    As for your frog, where did you purchase him ? I looked on your store but didn't have any luck. I also looked for something similar and didn't have much luck in teacher stores. I was thinking of making an interactive smart notebook activity with the same premise as you have on your blackboard as I know some teachers who don't have a class and need these kind of things in a mobile way. If you were willing to share the other clothing in a photograph I could send you the smart notebook file I would create in case you wanted to use it in the future via the smartboard. Perhaps in a centre ? Let me know what you think. Again thank you !


  6. Hi Alex,

    Sorry I ment to tell you that my large frog was bought at Scholar's Choice but you can also find it here:™+Calendar+Bulletin+Board+Set#.UE1AwKlxtUQ He's part of their calendar set in the Frogtastic theme! Hope you find him. Great idea about the SMART board file and very useful not sure how TREND enterprises would feel about that though.

  7. Hi again !

    Thanks for the link. Excellent !
    Also, good point about Trend Entreprises. I thought it was something you had created and were selling, so I could get your permission and share the file with you. Look forward to reading more in your blog!


  8. Wow vos élèves vont vous aimer cette année!


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