Thursday, 10 November 2011

SMART response systems + AIM = success!!!

This week I have been utilizing the under used SMART response receivers that my school had lock up in a cabinet.  These response systems allow each and every one of my students to participate in modeled activities with instant feedback. 

So this week as my grade 3/4s looked at Choisi le bon mot activities as a class.  I had them log in as they arrived to class.  We did our entry routine and we read the first page of the play in a choral reading.  After I was done the reading I put this question up on the SMART board:

                 1.Est-ce que l'histoire s'appelle _______________. 
                       a-) Boucles Violettes  
                       b-) Le chat et la lune. 

Then and just waiting to see what happened.  (Keep in mind students already know how to use the receivers and are familiar with them).  What did I notice?  Half my students were able to answer the question without me even reading it.  Then I proceeded to read the question aloud.   Another group of students were able to answer.  Finally, I asked the question again allowing students to offer up an answer.  During this time my lower level students punched in the correct answer.  The beauty of it is, the minute I hit Stop assessment students see their score on the receiver.  Students loved it, what a great motivator.   

Next week I'll hand out page 1 of Choisi le bon mot and rather then having students copy the answers onto their sheets, they will punch in the correct option to their individual receivers.  I can then upload all their answers to my computer and provide them all with feedback or we can take them up as a class!  The possibilities are endless and since they work in pairs and multiple classes are doing the same play, I see my photocopying going way, way down!  

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  1. I hope you aren't finished posting, as I just found your blog a couple of months ago. I look forward to hearing about your trials and tribulations in the classroom!


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