Sunday, 19 August 2012

Teacher Planner SALE!

Finding the perfect Teacher Planner can be a challenge.  A challenge I have undertaken every fall but this year I gave up on finding the perfect (and often overpriced) planner and I decided to just make one.  Well 3 weeks and over 70 pages later I had a planner that was going to let me have everything I wanted to be available at my finger tips or at least it was ready to be printed.  (I know the girl who LOVES technology uses a paper planner....yes, yes she does because she also has a healthy obsession with stationary but that's another post.)  I printed it and had it bound and was thrilled with my planner, that when printed has over 150 pages in it.  This planner has everything I dreamed of in a planner;  bright colours, inspirational quotes and plenty of ways to stay organized.  Everything from student birthdays and class trips to student assessment and parent communication logs.  AND I can print off extras copies of any sheets I need, anytime I need them.  So here it is, I hope you pop over the Teachers Pay Teachers and take a look!  

It's available in English  and en Français!   

You can get yourself a copy HERE!  
All Planners 15% off ALL DAY August 20th! 

I'd to love hear what kind of teacher planner you use.  Paper, digital, do it yourself or bought at the store?  I myself have tried them all.  My preference is great paper planner, since students are often on my computer and it makes it difficult to check my plans as the day goes on.   Everyone has a preference, what's yours?

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