Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Freebie and Retelling with Le petit Nicolas!

This week my 5/6 are beginning to work on retelling stories en français.  We are tackling our first attempt using the wonderful cartoon Le petit Nicolas!  Below is the episode that my students watched before starting on their Storyboards.

I asked them to watch for six things that would allow them to retell the entire story.  Then using Post it notes as drawing paper students have so far drawn the six major 'events' from the story.  What has been great about using the Post it notes was that students could move them if they made an error.  Also, if they wanted to restart an image it was no big deal!  So far, they are really enjoying the activity!

If you take a quick trip over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store there is a great retell FREEBIE waiting there for you!   Enjoy!

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