Saturday, 5 January 2013

New Year, New School, New Class...Oh my!

In mid-December, I was offered a new position, at a different school teaching grade 7 Extended French (a.k.a. late French Immersion).  I was thrilled to take the position that will begin this Monday but also overwhelmed at the thought of moving to a new school and having to set up over the Christmas break.   Thankfully, a good friend came along to organize my classroom library one day, the custodial staff at both my old and new school were an amazing help and my wonderful husband came in to set up some extra computers for me.  So in 3 crazy days, my new room went from chaos to this: 

The classroom had only one computer and so my lovely husband brought two of our old laptops back to life for student use!  Hooray! Students will be doing research and hopefully blogging from back here.  

This will be the go to place for student information.  I houses our Devoir/Homework board, the calendar and will have any news related items added to the top.  

 My tiny desk and one of my student groups ready to go for Monday! 

Our bilingual classroom library.  As I am teaching grade 7 French Immersion 
and 5/6 and 6 Language Arts.  

View of the back of the room.

 View of the front. 

It was challenging setting up this room as my classroom has 4 doors off of it.  The door you see above leads to a small storage area that I share with other classrooms.  To my left in his photo is the door to the hall and then to my right at the back of the room is a door that leads into the grade 8 classroom.  In addition to those three doors there is a door that leads outside directly from the classroom.  It will take some getting use to but I am very excited to teach in this space and to meet the students from all 3 of my classes!   

Monday I plan to hit the ground running with some getting to know you activities and a quick assessment of where their at.  After that, we have 3 short weeks before report cards to get to know each other.  Here we go!   

Have you ever changed teaching assignments mid-year?  


  1. Wow! Your room looks great! Congratulations and good job setting everything up so quickly! Hope you're settling in nicely and enjoying getting to know your new students.

    Mme Aiello Teaching FSL

  2. During my student teaching, I was working with two mentor teachers and co-teaching French and German classes. About two thirds of the way through the year, however, their Latin teacher went on leave due to a back injury. I ended up switching to teaching their Latin classes... It was a crazy year, but at least I didn't have to move schools or set up a new classroom to do it. I'm amazed that you got everything looking so amazing so quickly! It looks great!


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