Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Authentic Texts in the FSL Classroom

I am back from a wonderful camping vacation to d'Aiguebelle National Parc in Quebec.  It was a spectacular experience and is the inspiration for this post.

See how can you not be inspired by this beautiful lake!  This is le lac Haie which my husband and I canoed up and down on day 3 of our holiday.  This photo is taken from the amazing suspended bridge above the lake.  

During my trip I also had the opportunity to gather some authentic texts for my students.  The park had a variety of booklets available for patrons to take and use during their stay.  They graciously let me take a set of 10 for my classroom.  I am looking forward to exploring it with my students during guided and shared reading.  

You can find a digitized version of the text here: http://www.sepaq.com/pq/aig/journal-parc.dot   

The wonderful thing about this FREE and AUTHENTIC text is that I can see it being used at all levels of French programming in Ontario (Core, Extended and Immersion). 

In Core French, students can decipher maps and simple tables outlining hiking paths available in the park and create a similar map of their local surroundings and/or attractions.  Also they could great a information table to promote each of the activities in a few short sentences.  Furthermore, they can examine the adds within the booklet and create adds for local businesses.   

In Extended and Immersion, we can examine the longer articles within the booklet.  There is an article from the Quebec Minister of Environment, there are small paragraphs highlighting activities available in the park, an article about the amazing stars that can be seen in the park and so on.  From here we can talk about text features and write up articles about local attractions based on the success criteria we created as a class.  The possibilities are truly endless.  

How do you incorporate authentic French texts in the classroom? Where do you get them from?  

Have a great week everyone! Things here are in full back to school chaos!   

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