Saturday, 7 September 2013

First week back!

Well the first week is done and it was AMAZING!  I was a little nervous starting school this year,  being new to my building meant meeting new kids and staff!  Yikes!  Well I had nothing to fret about;  not only are my students incredible but the teaching staff is beyond supportive!  This is going to be a wonderful year.

As a class, we are almost most done all of the activities from my Activités pour la rentrée package!  We still need to play the game with our Postcards.  Students each wrote two postcards - one was something they did this summer, the other something they didn't do - next week they will present their postcards and their classmates will try to guess which is real and which is fake.  So much fun!  During this activity, I am getting a really good look at their areas of immediate need in writing and the proficiency levels with the French.  Students really got into it when they realised that their would be a prize next week for the student who tricks the most people and the student who is most accurate when guessing about other peoples holidays.  It really kept them from telling others which was the truth and which was a lie.  I look forward to hearing their presentations.

We also started setting up our Interactive Student Notebooks for history.  We got pages numbered, Rubrics and Procedures into the ISN and their Table of Contents set up.  I was really hoping to get to the first lesson but between network orientation, assemblies and other first week of school stuff, things just didn't go quite as quickly as I had hoped.  Not to worry though we still have 39 weeks together!  We're just getting started!

How was your first week?

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