Saturday, 20 August 2011

Falling in Love with Twitter!

It's not like I live under a rock and had not heard of Twitter or heard people rave about it,  but it just seamed that every time I looked at it, I saw a huge jumble of insanity.  Like trying to follow 100 conversations at once.  But this summer, actually this week, I read a post by Sylvia Duckworth on her website:
Dear Foreign Language Teacher:
If you were on Twitter...
Let me tell you, I learned a tone just watching the presentation she put together.  I learned so much that I signed up again for Twitter.  This time was different though, I had been shown the treasure that existed on Twitter, and so I began to look for resources online to help use Twitter.  I sat quietly at home watching my first #ntchat, and as I watch, I saw the magic of Twitter, I saw all the amazing teacher talking about things I was passionate about.  Never had I imagined that Twitter was this wonderful.  So to Sylvia Duckworth a huge thank you for showing me what I was missing.  This served not only as a push for me to try something new, but a lesson I will carry into my classroom this fall.  
Learning something new is something intimidating and scary but it is so worth taking the plunge.    
Mme Jones

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  1. Hi Crystal, I love your blog and its design! Thanks for the nice words about my Twitter presentation. Glad it convinced you to sign up! Keep up the great work!


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