Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Planning primary FSL

I always find it interesting in Ontario to plan for grade 1-3 FSL since we in fact have no curriculum until grade 4.  It allows a lot of freedom to teach what you feel is important.  For me I have 4 goals to my first term in FSL, grades1-3.

1. Students talking in French 100% of class time. 
2. Students are engaged and learning. 
3. Students can identify familiar words and their meanings.
4. Students have the ability to sound out familiar words from familiar and unfamiliar texts.  

This is where I absolutely LOVE AIM.  It gets there attention and they love the plays, this year my 1/2's are doing La Poule Maboule and my 2/3's are doing Les trois petits cochons.  The AIM program will allow me to hit my targets and have them well ahead of the curriculum by grade 4.   I love the primary students, they are always so eager to learn.  They love that the plays get them up and moving.    We will spend 90% of our time working on oral activities this term so that they can speak with each other in French.  My ultimate goal is for them to LOVE coming to my class.

I often wonder what other FSL educators in the province do with the primary students.  I know within my board there is a considerable amount of variation.  Do you have primary curriculum?  What are your goals as a primary FSL teacher? 

Mme Jones

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