Thursday, 18 August 2011

More setting up!

Well today I went to our school board's resource center.  It is, aside from the Internet, my most valuable tool available to me for free in my school board.  There are hundreds of books, activities, movies and technological device available for teachers to borrow.  While I was there I picked up several big books that relate to the plays I'll be covering this year, some audio books for my listening centers and 3 AIM kits that my school had not purchased yet, which by the way are going to save me my sanity.   Let me explain....

See as a Core French teacher when you walk into a new school you have no idea what they have been covering, which plays they have already done and where their language skills are at.  Now I know this is the same for all subject but I find what is most challenging is often the schools have AIM kits but the students have done almost all the plays available at their school.  Trying to figure out which ones to start the year with without getting the dreaded "We did this last year!!!" is almost impossible.  Now thankfully, the previous French teacher is still teaching at the school this year and she was able to provide me with the plays they had already done. But like I said before to get a play that no one has done, is almost impossible with what I have on hand at school.  So the 4 plays that my 7 classes will cover are all new.  I have no fear of them having done it before which allows me to start planning my first few weeks of classes right now!  Hooray! 

I'm off to plan some more.  I should have some classroom pictures up sometime next week! 

Mme Jones

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